20 January 2009

The Plot Thickens...

…Doesn’t it always? I started this adventure of writing a book in a month with wings on my feet and clear vision. I could see the end and it was fantastic! An entire book, pounded out in a mere 30 days. But, suddenly, there in my rose colored vision, was a speed bump. I wasn’t derailed, not completely, but I did get an upset and my momentum was thrown for a loop.

My first week was fantastic! I summarized and outlined and *whew!* was I tired. Satisfaction filled me almost as well as a grande caramel frappucino does after a hard day at work. I was ready. I was finally armed with a 56 + page summary and I just knew-KNEW- the second week (last week) was going to go just as smooth, just as swift.

Speed Bump.

I am a planner. I LOVE to make plans. Just ask my husband. I am notorious for saying, “I’m going to do this!” and he says, “That’s great!” and then three weeks later, “this” has turned into “that” and I’m completely lost and off track. Now there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind, especially if you’ve tried something that just doesn’t fit in with your master plan. But when you plan and don’t act on those plans, well, there’s the trouble.

My large summary was just that: a summary. I picked it up, I flipped through it. I hemmed and hawed and ooohed and ahhhed and I was barely able to eek out my projected goals. The book I’m working on has 5 parts, acts if you will, like in a play. My goal was to finish act 1 last week but I expected to finish much more because of the prior weeks intense fervor and dedication to the written word. I finished act 1 yesterday, three days off course.

But all is not lost! I am still on the train, just a bit behind first class. I started work on part two today, hoping to write three or four chapters and only getting to almost the end of one. And I’m ok with that. Really. I am. The important thing is that I’m writing. Isn’t that what we all hope for? A good day at the typewriter, at the desk? As long as we keep at it, as long as we’re able to pound out a few words a day, we’re taking a step in the right direction.

Do I still want a finished manuscript by next Friday? You betcha. Am I going to go on a pint of ice cream eating binge if I fall a bit short? No. Well…it depends on the flavor.

In all seriousness, my renewed goal is this: to keep plugging away, to write at least 5 days a week, and to continue on to that goal of finished book. I by no means think I’ll have a polished, edited and shining example of literary greatness to whisk away to Mr. Simon and Mr. Schuester, but I do intend to have a large chunk of it completed, if not the entire thing. And I may just eat a pint of ice cream anyway. Just because I can!

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