11 February 2009

Just a little update!


It feels like forever since I last posted but it has been for good reasons. I finished my book!!!! What a relief (and honestly, I'm very proud of myself). Considering it took me 5 years to finish part one of this on-going saga, finishing part two in 31 days was exhilarating. It kept me unbelievably busy and there were days I really didn't want to put in 4 hours of writing, but just knowing I'd made a commitment to myself to finish really helped me get it done.

What's next? Well, for now, I'm taking this week off to concentrate on some other projects I've had (literally) lying around the house. Next week, I plan to start working on part three of this trilogy. I am going to employ the "Book in a Month" program for this one as well. I hope to have great news come the end of March! I'll continue to post at least once a week. Sometimes, if for nothing else, just to have a place to vent!


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