04 February 2009

Progress and a Movie Review

I am almost finished with my book! Considering it took me five years to complete the first installment and I'm near the finish line of part two after just four weeks, I feel I have reason to shout! The BIAM program (that's Book In A Month) has really been the drill sergeant I've needed to push me (uphill mostly, it seems) to complete this story I anticipate I should finish in just two more days. That will be exactly one month from the time I started. After this book, I shall celebrate. Reward for the completion of any goal met is an important part of the process.

Not quite sure what I'll do...yet!

While we're on the subject of books, my husband and I went to see "Inkheart" Sunday after church. I fell in love with the series years ago and was excited to hear a movie adaptation was in the works. Well, as excited as I ever am about movie adaptations. there's usually some heavy trepidation accompanying that excitement. I'm a purest when it comes to story and I don't much like producers (or anyone else for that matter) taking liberties and altering them just to make a film. Most of the time, they are done well enough, only minor liberties taken (I'm still annoyed that Harry Potter's hair is never properly messy in the films as I feel Ms. Rowling intended, but I have been accused of being a bit anal). Other have so altered the scope and integrity of a story I can barely recognize it (and if you've ever seen the movie version of "A Wrinkle In Time" you'll know what I mean. I'm convinced the producers didn't' even read that book. They took the title, read the back cover and decided that was enough to make a movie on...but I digress).

"Inkheart", thankfully, was a pleasant surprise. They stayed true, for the most part, to the story. Alterations weren't too severe and the biggest change (which I shall not mention here) was made for a very good reason and done very well.

All in all, I give it two thumbs up. It is a wonderful, magical story, the casting was spot on, and the special effects were handled very well. In the words of the Mayor of Halloween Town:

"I fully endorse it! Let's try it at once!"

Or in my case, twice!


Kristen :0) said...

it's like the Emeril plan--BAM!

yay for you!!!!


JStantonChandler said...

Ha! I had not thought of that. I love Emeril. Mabye some of that "essence" would come in handy!