16 March 2009

Onward and Upward...

Well, onward any way.

Sorry for the long lapse in posting! I'm working on my third (and final) book in this series. Wow! Has it ever turned into a tougher job than I thought it would. But, as most things prove, it has been worth every sleepless night and every minute sat in front of computer and notebook.

Right now, the plan is to finish this book before I leave for India. Yes, India! I'm going for two weeks at the end of April to spend some time with a dear friend (also a writer) and spend time playing with and loving on children in an orphanage over there. By having this book finished before I leave, my mind will be clear to concentrate on my journey there and on the amazing stories that are certain to surface during this fantastic adventure!

Once the book is finished, it's on to editing! Not my favorite part, but must be done! I have to go back through book one and change some things. Unfortunately, my characters did not think it necessary to tell me about a few key things until the end of book two. Descent of them to let me in on those secrets, huh?

Once book one is as polished as I can make it, it's on to editing book two and then book three. When those arduous taks are complete (whew!) I'll send it to my readers and get their feed back. This will probably incite MORE editing which will be done joyfully and exuberantly with red pen and gallons of coffee. OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating about the joyful and exuberant claims.

Then comes the hard part: submitting to publishers. I've heard rumors that publishers and agents aren't taking on new clients right now due to the "economic crisis". That just adds to the wonder of the Catch 22 saga of: "we don't publish un-published authors who aren't represented by an agent"; "we don't represent un-published authors". Really? Then how on earth am I supposed to get published if no one will publish me because I'm not published? There's always self publishing, but I've heard publishing houses look down on this. Really? And you're the one telling me no, then I go out and do what I have to do and THEN you're going to snub me because I took things into my own hands and did what you wouldn't? Hmmm, sounds like a government plot if you ask me.

But enough from my soap box. I'm not angry at the publishing industry. On the contrary, I wish them a swift and easy recovery. I want the publishing world to thrive. I also want to see it return to the time when an author could actually make an appointment with an editor/publisher/agent, sit down, talk to them face to face and have them reject you because your actual work wasn't good enough or not what they wanted. Not just because your query wasn't good enough.

Ah...if only...
Until next post, ciao!

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