22 May 2009

A-Blogging We Will Go

I've made a new commitment during this past week. To read blogs that deal with the art, craft, and industry of the writing world. As obvious as it sounds, it was a big step for me. I'm typically a loner, always have been, and don't usually venture out into the great wide world to commune with others. However, a dear friend of mine (and amazing writer to boot) told me she'd started reading and commenting regularly on several blogs that deal with the writing life. Hmmm, says I. That sounds interesting.

So I started off by visiting her main blog of choice. It's hosted and written by a literary agent so I knew it would be beneficial. Long story short, I was hooked! I started googling "writing blogs" and came up with a plethora of places to explore. Not all of them succeeded in making me a follower, but I am now reading several every day and commenting quite regularly.

That was the scary thing. Commenting. If I comment, people will see what I have to say, they will hear my thoughts. What if I'm "wrong"? What if everyone disagrees with me? What if someone is nasty in their retort to something I have written? Shrugging those "what ifs" aside, I hit that "post comment" button and let 'er rip. And you know what? No one's been nasty (yet), and I've actually had people comment on my comments! It's nothing grand by any means, but it's a start.

One of my regular reads ( posted about regular blogging and how it gives the writer an online platform. Very interesting indeed. I started blogging about a year ago in order to let people know what I was thinking, get my words "in print" and hope that someone would stumble upon my blog and make a connection. At first, I thought it silly because who am I that anyone would want to read my blog? But then I got to thinking: I have friends. They'll read it even if they are just being polite. If something strikes a chord with them, they'll tell their friends and so on and so forth. Not to mention, when you comment on another blog, people know you exist and may come a-hunting for you (an I'm learning that in the blog world, that is a good thing!)

I have also found that regular blogging keeps me in the routine of writing. It doesn't matter that I don't have a million followers (yet); what matters is those few whose faces I see every time I pull my dashboard up. I know they are interested, even if just remotely, and therefore I feel compelled to post something, anything, because they may be expecting it. There is nothing like the prospect of letting someone down to get you motivated! Regular writing practice, in any form, is good for the writer as well as the soul. It helps keep your fingers moving, your creativity searching, your imagination pumping.

Have you started a blog? I'd love to visit it! Send me a link, tell me about your blogging experiences. Still skeptical? Visit There's bound to be something there for you to sink your teeth into. Not interested in creative writing blogs? Do what I did and hit google up for whatever they can find. Just search for "dog walkers blogs" and see what happens. (Not really, that was just an example. Unless you're a dog walker of course.)

Have a fabulous weekend and happy blogging!

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