11 June 2009

It's a Small World After All

I'm learning so much in this great wide cyber-world. There was a time (not too long ago) when I was intimidated by it, frightened by the prospects of getting out there, "meeting" others with similar interests, communicating with them, hearing their views, their struggles, their joys. "It's too impersonal" I complained. While it's true I prefer the handwritten letter over an email ( or worse, a phone call *shudder*), I'm discovering there's so much to discover via the Internet.

Before I get bombarded with anonymous comments telling me how horrible and terrible a place cyberspace is, let me issue a disclaimer: I am fully aware of the dangers of the Internet. Nothing is perfect; hate mail can be sent with or without a stamp. But let's face it, the Internet allows us to be connected with people we may not ever meet in real life. Blogging is just another way of communicating, and they allow us a broader reach than any other.

I've become a "regular" on several blogs that focus on the art and craft of writing. I'm "meeting" more and more people who do what I do, who day after day spill their hearts and souls out through their keyboards, hoping someone will hear the message they are so desperate to convey. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone. I knew there were other writers out there (obviously). Now I can connect with them, through their posts and comments, and realize my struggles are not unique, my frustrations are not mine alone to bear.

Writer or not, whatever it is you do, there's a blog about it. If there's not, start one. And don't tell me you can't! I didn't think I could start a blog. I thought I was too much of a self-professed Luddite to do so. So far, it's working, and I'm enjoying every post, every comment. Find a place where you can share your experiences, where you can glean from the experience of others who are struggling along, just as you are, and the wisdom from those who have "made" it. You'll be surprised at who you'll meet out there. I'm sure you'll make a friend or two.

You may even meet yourself somewhere along the way.

Happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you started a blog too! As a writer, it's a great way to get into good habits - writing every day. It's also a great place to reflect on the craft, and to share your thoughts with other like minded souls.

Funnily enough, some of my closest writing friends I actually met through my blog, and we now catch-up face to face regularly. The Internet holds many wonderful and often unexpected opportunities!


deb said...

okay.. this is random. I was intrigued by the photo ( or gravatar?) with your comment on Rachelle Gardener's site. So in the interest of doing the right thing in the blog world I'm commenting . I too struggle with this cyber tech world vs my creative side, and yet it has given me more inspiration and furthered my passion with encouragement and discipline than I could have imagined.
Your words are authentic and I wish you every success.