31 July 2009

Random Friday Musing

Writing is for me like breathing. If I don't have access to pen and paper, I feel naked, exposed for the all the world to encroach upon my personal space and demand that I succumb to it's siren call of distraction, noise, chaos and over stimulation. As long as I can lose myself in a notebook or at the screen of my laptop, I feel I have, in a small way, conquered the growing madness of the modern world. I have no desire to hurry and rush and work my life away. Hard work is good; it's good for the soul as well as the body. But to throw ourselves away in mindless pursuits day after day without rest, without respite? It seems foolish to me.

I dream of a day when my work hours are filled with words and worlds, of my own creation, of inspiration. A day when I can breathe fresh air whenever I need to and not watch the clouds scuttle over a lazy summer sky from the sterile environment of an office. Until then, I'll keep writing, keep plodding away, eeking out time between answering phone calls. It's not much time, but it's my time. It's the time I've been given to pursue my dreams and I am determined to make the best of them.

Happy Friday everyone!

Enjoy your weekend,


Kristen Torres-Toro @ Write in the Way said...

Hey, Friend! I know that day will come for you and I can't wait to see it either!!! You have an incredible gift and I'm excited about what all is going to happen in your life!

Jody Hedlund said...

I think we all dream about that day when we can loose ourselves entirely in our writing instead of having to squeeze into between all of life's other demands! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I know what you mean. I have not been able to write a word since school let out and it's been killing me. :)

Have a great weekend.

JStantonChandler said...

Hey guys! Happy weekend to you all.

Kristen: We're both working towards that day. And speaking of talent, girl you've got it!!! I'm excited to see where God's going to take your gift.

Jody: It's a dream I cling to. It's what keeps me going. That glorious day when I can "breathe the free air" :)

Jennifer: I get into those moods. Sometimes, I just have to push through it. Other times, I have to resign myself to the fact that my muse needs a break, even if it's driving me crazy NOT writing. I'm in that place right now. I haven't written since I finished my trilogy a month ago. But every time I start to write, my muse just sighs and rolls back over. Guess I need the break! It will come back to you! It always does.

Lin said...

I'm with you! Writing for me is a way of making sense of the day. It is finding the humor in everyday happenings and the silliness of this world. It helps me to sort it all out and process what my life is.

JStantonChandler said...

Lin: If I didn't have my writing to make some sort of sense out of life, I think I'd go mad!

Michelle McLean said...

I feel the same way. I want writing time, and with my kids home it just doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I don't want to rush my kids growing up. I know I'll never get this time with them again. But at the same time, I look forward to the days when they are in school all day long. So many child free hours that I can spend fingers are already itching! :)