24 August 2009

Things I Learned Last Week

- It feels good to see your name in print

- Perspective is everything

- You CAN make it to work on a 1/4 tank of gas

- Oranges look pretty on your desk and make you look healthy

- My new ring tone is ridiculous

- The right name makes all the difference

- Dreams really can come true...

...after five years of being married (1 of which was spent in perhaps the worst apartment complex ever and 4 spent in a garage graciously sacrificed for our well being by my mother and father in law), Jon and I are MOVING!!!

A friend of mine (whom I have known for over 12 years) has lived in the most spectacular lofts for the past 5 years. Every time I go to visit her, I am amazed at the peace and creativity that surrounds her home. Last Tuesday, I sent her an email, just to check in, to see how things were going. On a lark, I asked if there were any lofts available and she said there was one, sent us her landlord's phone number and told us to call. We didn't have to be told twice. We went to look at the loft on Thursday. The landlord (who is a WONDERFUL lady) remembered us and took us on a tour of a fabulous loft. We wandered around, blown away by the space and the quiet environment. She asked us if we liked it. She asked us if we wanted to move in September first! Long story short, after an enthusiastic YES, some paperwork and twelve hours of waiting for the official "yes", we're moving! This weekend to be precise!

Things have a way of happening all at once. I warned my husband of that when we first got married. Any time in my life when something big was to happen, it would happen at the drop of a hat, the last possible moment you think anything big or momentous is going to happen. Thus, after only a week and a half of inquiring about the lofts, we're moving in!

This week should prove to be a busy one, but I do so like to be busy. We've got to box everything up, take care of all the legal issues that moving entails, rent a U-Haul, pack and unpack and then go back and clean the garage. And we have to find an evening to take my mother and father in law out to dinner. Seems such a tiny thank you for such a huge gift as allowing us to monopolize their recently refurbished garage for four years.

As soon as possible, I'll be posting some pictures! I can't wait to see where this new adventure will lead!!

Have a great week, everyone and now, if I don't post regularly this week, you know I have a really good excuse!!

PS: if you read my other blog, the post today is the same as this :)


T. Anne said...

Congrats on your move! I love the way big things happen to you at the drop of a hat, I'm ready for some of that myself.

ElanaJ said...

Congrats! Moving stinks, but not if it's somewhere you love. :0

Jody Hedlund said...

Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful place! I personally don't like all of the work that goes with moving, but it's worth it if it's the right place!

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

congratulations on the move! sounds like something dreams are made of!

Kristen Torres-Toro @ Write in the Way said...

WOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great news. Lots of work, but I'm sure it will be well worth it.

BTW: Can't you just change your new ring tone?

JStantonChandler said...

Thanks you guys! I'm so excited about this move!

T.Anne: Everything big happens like that for us. We'll pray and pray and pray and then *wham!* It all happens at once!

ElanaJ: I'm actually one of those strange people who enjoys moving :) I moved six times in a course of three years once...just to do it! I like variety.

Jody: This work is definitely worth it! Getting out of the garage has been our DREAM for the past four years!

Jeannie: This is definitely what dreams are made of. We're finally getting a place of our own.

Kristen: Keep on shoutin'! I'm still dancing :)

NCmountainwoman: I could change my ridiculous ring tone, but I actually like it. It makes me laugh :)

Kristen Torres-Toro @ Write in the Way said...


Hey, friend! I nominated you for an award on my blog! Yebo!!! Love you!

willow said...

Best of luck on your new adventure!

Weronika said...

Oh, Jen, this is fabulous news! Congrats to you both. I can't wait to see pictures and what new adventures this move brings.

Glynis said...

Have a happy moving in period and happy, peaceful days in your new home!