25 August 2009

This, That, and The Other

Work has been a bit slow today (yippee!!) so I've spent my morning perusing the plethora of wondrous writing sites in cyberspace. Here's a few I found that definitely demand another visit! - this is a directory of Writer's Associations. If you're looking to join up with like-minded writers, you are sure to find a group to fit your genre. - a list of Writer's Groups by state. Click on your state to drop down a list of writer's groups in your area.'s%20Conferences.htm - Author Dianne E. Butts posts tons of Writer's Conferences each year. I'm sad I only just discovered this site! - as if you needed any more blogs to put on your blog roll! A list of Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs, all broken down by category (grammar, genre, famous authors, etc.) - most of you are already aware of this wonderful site, but just in case, here it is! If you're in the market for an agent, this site interviews agents often and also posts new agents. A great resource for finding the right agent for your work.
“An association of writers working to advance literature, defend free expression, and foster international literary fellowship.”

This is their “about” page; check them out. Their opening quote hooked me in:

"PEN is the voice of cultures truthfully addressing one another rather than governments or armies in confrontation. The object is not to win something, but to illuminate something."

Arthur Miller - pretty good general information site for all types of writing and writing related topics. - MacGregor Literary Agency offers links to sample proposals. A definite help for newbies like me! - this is pretty cool. It's from the Romance Writer’s Association’s 2009 conference. A great selection of handouts! (Just bear in mind these were geared to a romance writing audience, but you can tailor most of the info to your genre. At the least it’s some good food for thought.) - writing help from a professional writer - for all of you out there, like me, who lack a degree in creative writing: the online writing lab at Purdue University. Indispensable! - just for fun! Weird and wonderful things to make you smile, laugh, or just say "what the heck?" Enjoy!

Do you have any writing sites you frequent? Don't mind sharing your secrets? Please, let us know! We can all use the extra help, encouragement, and information (at least, I know, I could).



Kristen Torres-Toro @ Write in the Way said...

Thanks so much for these! I can't wait to check them out!

Weronika said...



Jennifer Shirk said...

All of Holly Lisle's info is excellent!

T. Anne said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the shmorgisborg!!

ElanaJ said...

Soooo much information out there. Great sites, I've bookmarked this blog post so I can come back to it when I'm not overwhelmed. Thanks!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Fabulous sites and many thanks! Some of my income is derived from writing and photography and I'm always looking to improve. I've yet to find a writer's group closer than a couple hundred miles from me so find the i-net is fabulous for information.
Many thanks.