14 August 2009

What's Stopping You?

This link was sent to me by a wonderful writing friend (you know who you are!) Check it out! It really helped me put my own writing blocks into perspective.

Happy Writing!


Ratty said...

A good link. I'm going to save this one. I always just write whatever comes to my mind, no matter ho ridiculous it might be, especially if I have some writer's block. Ridiculous is usually more fun anyway.

Michelle McLean said...

Hey there! I left a little award for you over on my blog :) Happy Weekend!

Weronika said...

I've nominated you for an award, dear! :D

Kristen Torres-Toro @ Write in the Way said...

This post encouraged me so much! Love ya, friend!

Terresa said...

Great post, thanks for sharing it. Makes me realize some of my writing shortcomings & where I need to focus.

JStantonChandler said...

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend was a good one :)

Ratty: Keep writing what's in your heart! You're right; ridiculous is way more fun :)

Michelle! WOW! THanks so much! I'm headed over there right now!!!

Weronika! WOW to you!!! THank you! I can't wait to "pick it up"!

Kristen: I printed this article out and have it at home on my desk :) Thanks for pointing it out to me!

Hi Terresa. You're very welcome. This was one of the most helpful posts I've read in a long time. I was happy to share it!