02 September 2009


Grey and dismal, in came September,
on the heels of an unbidden storm
The clouds they rolled with a grumble of thunder
but the rain refused to fall
Visions of autumn dance in my head,
of fire lit evenings and blazing colored leaves
The taste of orchards on my tongue,
the scent of wood smoke on my sleeve
A walk in the woods under a brilliant azure sky
is a ghost of a memory
Held up against the back drop of a blissful, grey, dismal,
first September day.
PS: this little ditty is the post for today on my other blog as well :)
PPS: I apologize for the scrunched up lines. I've tried and tried to put spaces in between each entry, but for some reason, blogger is being a nasty little gremlin today. Ah well...


T. Anne said...

Beautiful. I absolutely love fall and that was perfect.

Jody Hedlund said...

I hate when blogger pulls out those gremlins! They are nasty and pesky and downright annoying! But your poem is beautiful anyway! :)

Terresa said...

Love it. My favorite line:

The taste of orchards on my tongue...

Weronika said...

I agree with Terresa on that one. :)

P.S. Jen, where are your pictureeees? I want to see them!