06 November 2009

A Brief Word

Sorry for the lack of inspired post to start off your weekend. Since yesterday afternoon I have been feverishly on the hunt for agencies that represent the type of book I have recently completed. I have been sitting on this since July. I have needed the separation, however, and it has been a wonderful respite. A time to put things in perspective and weight my priorities in the writing world.

I'll be spending my spare weekend hours, between preparing for a party and partaking in an annual Native American festival, seeking out agents, agencies, perfecting my query (for the 1,000th time) and beginning to write the dreaded synopsis. Gasp!

I signed up for NaNo this year, but decided this was a better way to spend my month of November. I'd much rather get this story aloft on it's own little wings than to start another of my twelve dozen projects I have strewn across the upstairs studio floor.

Here's to a great weekend! I hope you all enjoy yourselves. May the weather be wonderful wherever you are, take a quiet walk and breathe in the crisp, autumn air, and carve out some novel writing time for your own projects. There's no time like the present! Seize the Day and every other positive, forward moving affirmation you've ever been told to get your butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard!



Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

The synposis - ugh! I wonder if there is an author around that doesn't dread them!?! Good luck with your agency search.

Karen Walker said...

Best of luck with your research and query letter. The best advice I can give you is to "take the action, let go of the result." You have absolutely no control over the outcome, so don't stress about it. Just give it your best shot!

Tamika: said...

You too Jen!

Praying you find the agency that works best for you.

Blondie said...

Good luck girl! I am doing NaNo and am having so much trouble with it. I have about 3,500 words and am hating what I have so far, but am just trying to get it done. Any pointers? Kori xoxo

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sounds like the better use for your time. Good luck with the agent search and the synopsis...we all hate writing those things.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Ratty said...

I hope you find the right agency. I haven't even begun to understand this part of writing, but I hope you do well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen -- I think that was smart, to forgo the novel this month and work on what you've already got going. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear about this part of the process!

Blondie said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on the Arthur Miller post honey. There is always too..just a thought! Kori xoxo

...mmm... said...

Best wishes with all that, Jen.

As it is, the only time I spend writing is for my blog.

The Queen's Jewels said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Jen. My daughter, Kori is trying to write her novel for NanoWriMo this month. Love your blog! Take care...Kathie <3