19 November 2009


One of my new dear bloggy friends just awarded me this little diddy:

You should really go check her out! Blondie has a simply fabulous blog and you can find her right here! Feel free to tell her I sent you :)

Now it seems I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then pass this along to seven other deserving bloggers. Only seven!?!?! Sadness, but I shall prevail!

1. I have always wanted to get my pilot's license.
2. I would move to England tomorrow and live on a sheep farm. I would live in a thatched roof cottage, take classes on pottery, and build my own stone wall. Dear hubby would gladly wear the sweaters I would knit him (um...after I learn to knit) as he traipsed through the fields taking award winning shots of the countryside.
3. I have wanted a tattoo for years but only recently have I decided what I'd get. Now to save up the moolah!
4. I've been to Ireland and India. I have inadvertently started a trend of traveling to places that being with the letter "I". It's like an episode of Sesame Street! "This adventure is brought to you by the letter 'I'..."
5. My father and my writing mentor both died in November. Mixed feelings about this here old month.
6. I would love to own a vineyard.
7. If it was up to me, I'd always dress like an lady from old England. I'd travel the world with steamer trunks and cross India by elephant. I'd see the pyramids from the back of a camel while sipping syrupy sweet Moroccan tea. My porters would love me and I'd tip them handsomely. The sky would alternate between raining marshmallows and cocoa packets and books would grow in cultivated fields, their leather spines glimmering in the early morning mist. And I'd spend my days writing, crafting, and reading darn good poetry. At night I'd host dinner parties for Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickenson, C.S. Lewis and Ernest Hemingway. Oh the delicious debates we'd have!

And on to the distributing of the awards. Oh wait...I should change.

There. That's more like it!
And the award goes to:

1. Jody Hedlund (because she's fabulous and I appreciate her honesty)
2. DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom (because she makes me laugh when I desperately need it)
3. Lin at Duck with Wheel and String (because where would we be without Hobbes -or her?)
4. Elana Johnson (because she just signed with an agent...WOO HOO!!!)
5. Jermaine at French Kissed (because this blog is simply BEAUTIFUL!)
6. Mr. Toast over at Hot Toast and Jam (because a life without tea would be simply dreadful)
7. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm (because this woman knows how to get to the meat and potatoes of life, dish it up heavy, and leave you feeling as if you've been sitting on her back porch, listening to the crickets while the sun sets over her peaceful farm world)

Ok guys! Post the picture, tell us seven things about yourselves, and send it on. Or just post the picture and remain quietly in your happy corner of the world. Or do nothing but know that I find your place simply divine :) Whatever suits you best. No pressure here. I'm just passing it along because in my little world, awards seem like the thing to do today!

Waaahh! Can't I give everyone the award? There are too many beautiful blogs out there. Not fair, not fair ( tantrum is finished.) Go see these guys, tell 'em I sent you, and enjoy :)

Sorry if this post is a little more hyper than usual. I've had two cups of tea and an eggnog latte and I've been up since 5am! Bring it on, baby, bring it on!


ElanaJ said...

Hey, thanks!! And I would totally love to live on that sheep farm with you. I teach at a school named Vineyard. Does that count? Probably not. :)

Terresa said...

congrats for the blog award & to all those who received it! Elana's blog rocks, congrats to her (I'm off to her blog next).

PS: Enjoyed reading your list. I have a tattoo (red rose) almost 17 yrs now. It just needs to be re-inked...

Jen Chandler said...

Elana: You are more than welcome. And you're more than welcome to join us on the sheep farm!

Terresa: Thanks a bunch :)

French Kissed said...

Hi Jen,

Congratulations on your award and thank you for sharing your seven list. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear father and I know his absence must be particularly magnified during this holiday season. I am honored that you have passed the award along to me and also grateful that through this I have discovered this your "other" blog.


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Thank you so much. That's an award that I haven't seen before. I am excited to post it up. Hopefully by the weekend!

Jody Hedlund said...

Oh, thank you so much Jen! I just love your list of things about yourself!! You write so beautifully, you make me want to do all of those things too! :-)

Blondie said...

Yay! Your welcome for the award darling. You more than deserve it. You inspire me and my writing every day. Have an amazing afternoon. Kori xoxo

Lin said...

Wow! I am honored. Love your list! Can I come visit you on the farm? I can teach you to knit. :)

Tabitha Bird said...

Congrats on your award! I love that you travel to 'I' places. sounds fun:)

Karen Walker said...

Congrats. Love your list of seven. Having just gotten back from Ireland, I can definitely get on board with living on a sheep farm.

Jen Chandler said...

Jermaine - You are more than welcome. You're blog is so beautiful. I love to cozy up and read it :) And I'm glad to have you on this blog as well!

DG: It was a first for me too! Can't wait to read your seven :)

Jody: You are more than welcome! I so enjoy visiting your blog and I'm honored you visit mine. Thank you for the compliments and encouragement.

Kori: I'm so glad I'm able to send a little inspiration your way! Have a marvelous weekend and thanks again!

Thanks, Lin! Yes you may come live on the farm and I'd love for you to teach me how to knit!!

Thanks, Tabitha!

Thanks, Karen! It was about 10 years ago that I was in Ireland but I long for it every day! It's amazing how one can become homesick for a place they've only visited once.

...mmm... said...

Oh thank you so much for the award. i finally got roudn to reading this. how wonderfully sweet of yo. I did crack up reading your llist of livingin a thatched roof cottage, knitting sweaters for hubs, once you know how and so on! Hee.

Well, here in your own little blog world, you can indeed sail the nile, visit the world as that Edwardian lady of charm! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Congratulations on the Well Deserved blog award and thanks for including me...most especially for your lovely, kind words. You're more than welcome to come sit on that back porch or the front porch or, even, the sun room porch and watch the sun make his path across the sky. Then we'll break out a bottle of sparkling favorite is St. Hillaire...and we'll watch the moon travel.
I'll post as soon as my eye is better, too much strain right now.