01 December 2009

Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea (Part Two)

Finally! I made it. And with only a bit of time to spare. I apologize profusely, Mr. Toast and all you distinguished guests! But when you hear my tale, I'm certain you'll understand just why I'm so late.

Oh good, I see Mr. Darcy arrived! I'm glad. ...Yes, yes, I'm fine dear friend. Your concern is appreciated. ...What? Send out the cavalry? No, no there was no need. I was in good ...Oh, well, yes, that does require some telling. But first a hot drink would be much appreciated...Earl Grey please, and make it a double!

I was in my room, when last we spoke, searching for my beloved (faux) fur when I stumbled upon a small chamber which adjoined to my room. I grabbed my bag thinking I'd pop in, find my fur, and be off. In the room was a large wardrobe of the most beautiful quality I've ever seen! The wood was like nothing I'd seen before. Perhaps my fur had been put in there by the man who brought up our bags. I opened the door and peered in ...

I saw many coats, but not my fur. I did, however, see something white in the very back of the wardrobe. Could that be my fur? I crept in on hands and knees and reached for it. Imagine my surprise when I found that the wardrobe just kept going. Further and further back I went until I felt something very cold and very wet on my hands. No! Impossible! There was snow in the wardrobe! I crept out and found myself in a forest. A snow covered forest, completely silent. Not a bird sang, not an animal scampered by. Just trees, silent snow, and a lamp post burning brightly up ahead.

It is impossible to describe my confusion! I had to touch the lamp post to convince myself I was not dreaming. I looked around, thinking if there was a lamp there must be a road nearby. A road I did not see, but I began to hear a strange sound, like silver bells tinkling in the distance. A sleigh appeared, elegant and icy, pulled by reindeer. Could it be, I thought, Saint Nick? But no, it was not Father Christmas at all but a tall, dangerous looking woman dressed in blue and crowned with icicles.

She appeared nice enough and asked casually for my name and where I was headed. I told her I was on my way to tea but misplaced my fur and fell, quite literally, into the forest. "Could you, I asked, perhaps guide me back to the wardrobe? Or perhaps you know Mr. Toast and could direct me to the tea?"
Her eyes narrowed and she told me crisply that she knew of no tea and had no toast. The only wardrobes were encased in ice in her castle and the only fur she knew of was her own, warm creation sitting in her lap. Then she began asking me many questions about my family, how many brothers and sisters I had, things of that nature.
Suddenly, a frightening roar came from the forest and the ice queen jumped! She spun around to the trees and her eyes widened in terror! There, emerging from the trees, was the largest polar bear one could imagine! I'd never seen a polar bear before, but this one had to be a giant compared to his already large brethren. Oddly enough, he was dressed in armor.
The bear snarled and the queen whipped her reindeer into action. They sped off at a whirlwind pace, disappearing behind the trees and leaving me to confront the giant bear alone. He grinned as she went, and gave me a little bow. He said he heard my story and could indeed guide me to the tea. There was a road, and if I needed to be somewhere, anywhere, the road could take me there. Up on his back I climbed and away we went!

On and on we trudged through snow and up hill, no sign of the lodge (or my fur) in site. The bear began to wonder out loud if the road had been enchanted to lead us off course. "By the White Witch", he said. I did not need him to tell me he was referring to the woman I had just met. It soon became apparent that we'd been wandering aimlessly, with no destination in sight. Furthermore, we had no way of knowing the way back. The bear's paw prints had been covered by snow flakes, large, drifting ones the size of dinner plates.
We needed directions but who to ask? I told the bear if he could just get me back to the lamppost that I could go back through the wardrobe and take a more traditional route to the tea. He admitted, embarrassed, that he knew not the way.
It was then I noticed we were being watched! Someone was peeking out at us from behind a large tree. He seemed to be carrying a red umbrella. I called out to him, told him not to be afraid, not thinking how ridiculous that sounded seeing that I was riding atop a huge, armored bear! The man came around and *gasp* he wasn't a man at all but a faun! Oh delightful! A faun! And a handsome faun at that ;) After convincing him the bear would not eat him, we asked his assistance in finding the lamppost.
"It's simple," he said, indicating with his red umbrella and shifting the parcels he had in his hands under one arm, "Just head that way, stray straight, and you can not miss it!"

I thanked the dear faun and away we went. No more than a half hour later, we were standing beneath the burning lamppost. "I guess this is goodbye," I said as I hugged my armored friend. "I would love for you to join me, but I'm afraid you wouldn't fit through the wardrobe!"
"Don't worry," he said smiling (if a bear can smile), "I would frighten the guests and I'd hate to ruin such a splendid occasion as a Christmas tea."
Away I went, thanking him for his help. I crawled back through the wardrobe, never once seeing my fur, scampered down the hallway and just in time to hail a passing sleigh!
And now, dear friends, I must go. There are foods to try and teas to taste and guests with which to mingle. My story is unbelievable but I assure you, it is all quite true. I'll just check my lipstick...

...and be off! Amazing that this dress managed to emerge from that bag in such fine condition! Oh, and I did manage to bring a bit of something along with me. When the White Witch was frightened off, she left the loveliest silver container behind her. I picked it up and decided it would make a truly gorgeous host gift. I do hope you like Turkish Delight, dear Mr. Toast!

And now...dessert!


Annie said...

Charmed! I am absolutely charmed. AND - I don't know about Mr. Toastie but I LOVE Turkish Delight.

Lizzie said...

Jen, you look smashing! Wow! All eyes will be turning on you when you walk through the doors. :)

And I'll have some of that turkish delight, if you don't mind.

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Please tell me there will be a dragon at a later tea saying, "if you do not want to drink tea, I shall have to eat you"! :0) This is awesome, Friend!

Barry said...

Who knew tea parties could be so much fun! Wonderful meeting you!

willow said...

That dress is stunning!!! Mr. Toast simply outdid himself. It was a wonderful time, wasn't it?

Jen Chandler said...

Please, help yourself to the Turkish delight! Kristen, I did see a dragon!! He was sipping peppermint tea on the patio. Said it was much too stuffy inside. He preferred the snowy air :)

Nice to meet you, Barry!

Willow, I thank you. Hope you had fun!

Blondie said...

Wonderful post as usual Jen. You always inspire me! Hope you had a great day honey! Kori xoxo

Baino said...

Hi Jen or should I say G'day. You certainly went to a lot of trouble. I'd die for an Ice Queen Dress . . if only I had the figure.

Rowe said...

What a delightful adventure you have had, Jen. This was wonderful to read, part one and two. Your dress is breathtaking.

Jen Chandler said...

Hey Blondie! Glad you enjoyed the post. And congrats on conquering NaNo!!

Baino, glad to meet you :) Yes, the Ice Queen dress would be spectacular to own. But only if I got the crown too.

Thanks Rowe! Very nice to meet you. It was a wonderful adventure to share :)

Brian Miller said...

ha. love it! wonderful party dress...and i just love Narnia, so...nice to see you at tea, hope your day is going well in the after...

Celestial Charms said...

Thanks for sharing your magical journey to the Christmas Tea. So glad all worked out in the end. Such a pretty dress, and the Turkish Delight looks, well, delightful!

Bee's Blog said...

What a fascinating time you had before arriving for the wonderful Christmas Tea. There were quite a few dramas on the way but all ended well.

Mr Toast outdid himself and I do hope that he will repeat the event next year.

Betsy said...

This was brilliant! The Turkish Delight is scrumptious! You looked devine last night...such a wonderful time, wasn't it?

...mmm... said...

Jenn, you were absolutely BRILLIANT here and at the Tea. Added so much. I do hoep you saw I added you to the christmas Tea write up on your adeventures. It was such a work of creative art. Loved every bit of it.

now, as for that Turkish delight, I still haven't tried it as much as i want to. I'm afraid I will develops some insane desire for mince pies well beyond my insane levels already--I mean just look at Betsy there. Oh how very funny.

Thanks you again. May I suggest some day you do your own party in the manor? It woudl be most lovely!

Ratty said...

That was just the kind of wonderful short story that I like.

Terresa said...

Love turkish delight! My kiddos do, too!

Jen Chandler said...

Brian: Thanks! My day after was fine, just a little tired from all that adventuring and tea drinking :) Hope all is well!

Maureen: Thank you! I found that dress a month or so ago and fell in love with it! I'll pop by your blog today for a visit :)

Hi Bee! Yes, I do hope Mr. Toast does another tea next year. This was so much fun!

Thanks, Betsy. It was a marvelous time. I could have stayed all night! I could also do it all again each week. Well, except for the whole wardrobe instance...

Mr. Toast, you are too kind. I had so much fun and do hope to do it again next year. Although, I think I'll keep my fur close by instead of letting someone put it away. I have a sneaky suspicion the White Witch took it but I know she'll never confess :) A tea at the Manor? Hmmm, now that's an idea I'll have to ponder :)

Hi Ratty! So glad you enjoyed it:)

Terresa, for the longest time I thought Turkish Delight was some sort of exotic food. When I found out it was gelatin, flavoring and coloring with powder sugar I was so disenchanted! But, thanks to CS Lewis, I'll always imagine it's a Narnia delicacy.

FireLight said...

Oooooooo..Turkish Delight...yum!
I have just loved stopping by this snowy place....CS Lewis....and our own imaginings make much winter magic!
Thanks for stopping by TKR...I posted a response to your last comment there.

Jessica Cangiano said...

What an exquisitely enjoyable post. I cannot think of Narnia and not be reminded of when, upon first reading the books myself, I began to retell the stories they housed each night to my little sister. She adored them, and with all the sweetness of a four year old, would eagerly ask for a "closet story" each night for many months.

Thank you dearly for your wonderful comments and visits, Jen. I sincerely hope you're having a marvelous week!

♥ Jessica

Jen Chandler said...

Thanks Jessica. What a neat story: closet stories. I love it!!! Enjoy this magical time of year! I always enjoy stopping by your place :)