28 January 2010

An Award and Some Honest Scrap

I love receiving awards (who doesn't?), I just don't normally have the time to re post!! Which, by the way, I hate :( *cue sad violin music here. Hey...Is that Joshua Bell I see?*

Today, however, work is slow (geez, I hope I didn't just curse the last four hours...) and I just discovered that I was awarded this!

A big huge THANK YOU to Tiana Lei over at Spilled Ink for this bright award. I like to think my arms look like that when I grasp my pen. *cue laughing here*. If you haven't discovered her yet, you should! So go on over and take a peek. Do it! Pay no attention to the peer pressure heaped upon your head in dump truck loads.

It seems I'm supposed to post Ten Honest Things about me. Well, here goes!

1. My all time favorite movies are the original Star Wars trilogy. You know, the ones with Harrison Ford in them? The REAL Star Wars. Yeah. Those.

2. I love cheese. Seriously. If I could live off of cheese alone, I would.

3. My ancestors on my dad's side were from Nottingham England.

4. If I went to Hogwarts I'd be in Slytherin.

5. I have a crush on Dave Matthews

6. When I was four years old I could recite the poem "Little Orphan Annie" in its entirety

7. I read the dictionary for fun

8. I have this incurable desire to live in a steampunk world.

9. I would love to get licensed to pilot hot air balloons

10. I am 99.9% certain I am related to Edgar Allan Poe

That was fun! And now for the dolling out of the Honest Scrap Award (if you already have it, then this will just go to show you you're quite the honest bloggy blogger :)

1. Kristen at Write in the Way (because she needs some happies in her new home :)

2. Baino at Baino's Banter (because I do so love a person who can tell it like it is and entertain)

3. Angela at Parisienne Farmgirl (because I am not ashamed to say I agree with her most recent post)

4. Terresa at The Chocolate Chip Waffle (because her views on life, birth, and death are more real than anything I've come across in a loooooong time)

5. Ann at Holy Experience (because I have yet to come across a blog that rips my heart out, opens it up and forces me to take a good, long, hard look at it's contents like this one does)

6. Sarah at The Teastained Page (because I have never in my LIFE met a more gifted young author. If you haven't met her yet, run over right now! But only if you want to get lost in dreams.)

In lieu of my normal Thursday post, I wanted to post this little scrap of honesty. Today I have read about life, about death, about love and loss, about birth and about politics. I've laughed, I've cried, I've cheered. Somewhere in all of this, something very profound hit me right smack between the eyes. My dear readers YOU are all the most honest people I know! I constantly find myself surrounded by people who are so afraid to live, to make mistakes, to be human. And I am constantly delighted at finding another God fearing, Jesus loving, word worshiping, straight talking, chocolate and wine loving individual in this great wide blog sphere. I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for being honest. For being real. Mistakes and all. I love you all the better for those. And thanks for accepting me, scars and bruised knees, ink stained fingers and broken toes.

Thank you.

Honestly :)
(I got a little link happy with this post, didn't I?)


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats on your award! I love Harrison Ford. The rest is just cool. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Terresa said...

Thank you, I'm honored to receive this award. And congrats to you for yours.

PS: I also read the dictionary for fun. I have a thick hard bound red dictionary I've had since high school. It's like a Bible for me.

And I have a fascination with all things steampunk, too.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Congratulations on the award....

and I loved your list...nicely done....and love the honesty in blogland....

off to check out those new blogs i see there..well, new to me...

more later, my friend

p.s. i got to see Joshua Bell and Josh Groban together once at The Hollywood Bowl...and I am still reeling.....i hope that's what heaven is like.....

Kristi said...

Congrats on your award!!! I loved reading your 10 things!

I'm a fellow lover of cheese!!! We have "snack" night at our house atleast once a week and it always involves different cheeses, crackers, grapes AND most importantly wine!

I just read about Steampunk on Michele's site and it sounds awesome!

Thanks for sharing and I too enjoy the honesty and fun of blogging's sooooo addicting it'll be a wonder if I ever get any real writing done!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

What a wonderful post...yes, bloggers are honest, even if we edit the crap out of our photographs! :)

It does feel so good do have an outlet where you can blurt out what you want if your "real" friends read it fine, if they don't, whatever, you've got (hopefully) hundreds of bloggie friends who are spitting their wine in laughter and standing up and cheering "Amen sister!"

I LOVE MY FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!!! I love people who have SOMETHING to say!

Great post and merci for the mention!!

Sarah In Wonderland said...

Oh my, thank you so much! :) I feel so honoured! You have just pulled my day out of murky depths, shook off the speckles of mud and made it truly golden. You couldn't have made a nicer change. :) xxxxx

deb said...

Congratulations, Jen!!
and I loved reading these honest bits.

and you are so right about finding incredible unexpected wonder in blogland. I am continually startled and stunned and moved to the core.

Thank you for being here...
and Ann Voskamp is , is, well, there are no words.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Writers simply MUST be real. We can't help it. While others work so hard to stuff it all in, build false fronts and deny their emotions, we pour it all out on paper. I love YOUR honesty. Slitherin? Really? Hmm.
I long to ride in a hot air balloon, but I'm terrified of heights. Maybe if you were the pilot, I'd dare climb on board.

I'm officially old, I was not familiar with steampunk. Cute outfits.

Brian Miller said...

congrats on the award. star wars it the best...i even listened to it via radio...a long time

read the dictionary for fun..hmmm...

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Woohhooo!!! Thank you!!!

I love that I have a living piece of Poe in my life. :0)

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Congratulations on the award! I love your words. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Real life has been hitting hard and fast the past few weeks....but --as I mentioned--I love your words and I'll always find my way back here :)

Jen Chandler said...

Thanks guys for the congrats :) I'm super excited to read that several of you are in love with steampunk. I just recently discovered it and I was sooo happy! It's exactly what I've been looking for!

Kary: I truly believe heaven will be like an eternal Josh and Josh concert. I'm super jealous, can I tell you that! That must have been amazing!

Parisienne Farmgirl and Sarah: you are both more than welcome. Thank you both for the joy and wonder you bring into my life from your wonderful places.

Mary: You are not old! I just discovered steampunk a few months ago :)

Cynthia: no worries. I know exactly what you mean!

Anastasia said...

I could live off of cheese too. mmm..

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Congrats Jen! Loved your honesty!:)