08 January 2010

How to Handle Disappointment

1) Throw a royal pity party

2) Get mad, REALLY mad. Pouting and flouncing are encouraged

3) Get ready for work anyway and curse the Weather Channel while you shower

4) Pray all the way to work that you stumble across a freak snow drift and simply MUST turn back!

5) Shuffle into work, turn on your space heater, and sigh as the "snow" drips from the roof

6) Brew some tea, breathe deep, and thank GOD it's Friday

Ok, so it did "snow" last night. Frozen, wet, white stuff fell from the sky for a few moments and we bundled up and danced about on the concrete for a while. Alas, this morning dawned and no ice on the road (not that I wished for traffic accidents and little old ladies tumbling into the gutters as they checked their mail) and it was all business as usual. There wasn't even enough ice in the drive to keep from feeling guilty about a little white lie (pun intended). Ah well...there's always March...or Oregon. Yeah, I'm really feeling the urge to move to Oregon today. Usually it's to England but today, it's Oregon.

Happy Friday to one and all! I hope your weekends are wonderful, bright, and as cheerful as you can make them, snow or no.

PS: These steps also work for rejection letters and mass amounts of rewrites


Stephanie Faris said...

I guess eventually you just get used to disappointment. I know I have. Even writing rejections don't seem to bother me as they used to. You become surprised when someone DOESN'T reject you...and then you start to realize you're jaded!

Karen Walker said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your wonderful words on my blog today. Handling disappointment is an art. This is a great list. I give myself a time limit for a pity party. That usually works well. Here in Albuquerque, the snow doesn't stay on the ground very long--at least in the valley where I live. On the Sandia Mountains, however, it does.

Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

I'm all over #6.

Every time I get rejected in some way I remember it is merely a chance to grow and improve. (This is of course after whacking the remote on the couch, crying in my husband's arms and blaming it on PMS.)

Happy weekend.
~ Wendy

Jen Chandler said...

Stephanie: It's is so easy to get jaded. I usually lean to the hoplessly optimistic side. It hurts coming down, but, for a while, you're on top of the world!

Karen: You are most welcome, friend :) And you're right; handling dissapointment IS an art. Can I buy an instruction manual?

Wendy: Whacking the remote is a good one. I usually just mumble and kicks something! I was just too annoyed this morning to do either.

Mary Aalgaard said...

We have plenty of snow to share up here in Minnesota. Instead of feeling blue (from cold) today, I stepped out for coffee, which led to more coffee talk, which led to buying calendars on sale, which led to buying four sweaters at a two for one sale, which led to grabbing lunch to go - the "famous" chicken salad at a local shop, and nibbling and blogging. Not bad for a cold winter day.

Jen Chandler said...

Mary: Sounds like a fabulous cold day! I've been inside (as usual) all day. I did manage to sneak outside and breathe in the brisk air. Ahhh, the cold makes me feel alive!

Tricia said...

Wonderful! So glad to know I am not the only one who throws temper tantrums in the shower and moves my head to the beat of my silent ranting as I drive someplace I DO NOT WANT TO GO! Gave me a good laugh - thanks for sharing :-)

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Ha! Sorry you had to go to work, Friend! Maybe it'll "really" snow before winter completely ends.

Gropius said...

What a bummer. Here in FL there's no such hope...ever, evidently. But when I was growing up in Charlotte, NC, it was amazing what incredible anticipation the promise of 2 inches of snow could bring. No school. No work. No open stores. Aaaah such an awesome play day. And when it didn't happen, damn that weather man!!

Jessica Cangiano said...

They also work rather well when something entirely out of the blue reminds you of how old you are getting. Case in point, recently my husband and I were reading a new story together that mentioned a girl who was born in 1991 was getting married. We both just turned and looked at one another in disbelief, simultaneously thinking, "That can't be possible, wasn't it just 1991 the other day?"

Granted I'm only 25, but, boy, did that make me feel about a million years old ;D

Wishing you a splendid, disappointment-free weekend, honey!
♥ Jessica

JMay said...


Jen Chandler said...

Hi Tricia. You are definitely not the only one who throws tantrums in the shower. Glad I could send a laugh your way!

Hello Gropius! Thanks for visiting. Florida doesn't see much of the white stuff either, I know. It is rather funny how southerners act when the show falls, but I always enjoyed the suprise off days :) Stay warm down there!

Hi Jessica! I know! I have a neice who was born in 1995. That's the year I graduated. My husband and I always joke that no one was actually born after the seventies. They couldn't have been. Are we really in our 30's? Not that I'm complaining; I look forward to getting older. It's just odd when a kid tells you they were born in 2004!!!