11 March 2010

Just a little something

Greetings! Sorry for the lax in posts (both here and at The Manor), but I'm researching this whole screenplay thing. Boy oh boy, what did I sign up for?

I'm off to do that in a few, but I wanted to lend you a few words for the day. Roll them around in your mind. Taste them, let them trickle down your chin and drip onto your toes, soak into the ground and blossom.

The world is word, and must be spoken, rooted, danced. Cloud and clod are one root, so that a sky of stone, a fell of heaven, are the deepest magic of necessity. So flying is to walk on law. Waking sun will bid it rise. The light is borne by travelling, A springs from O. The way is earth, here and now, though it lie through cloud or commonplace; and elsewhere is the coming home.
~Moonwise pg 218, Greer Gilman

I have been chewing on Greer Gilman's book Moonwise for a month now. That is very unlike me. I usually finish a book in a week and am off to another. This book, however, is not like anything I've ever read. I guarantee it's like nothing you've ever seen. That excerpt is just a taste of the art found between the covers of this tale. Trust me when I say it takes a bit to wrap your mind around her language. It's like reading an epic poem strung out to music that only your soul can hear. This is my third time attempting it and I'm 75 pages out from being finished.

You don't read this book, you savor it. It devours you, demanding attention. I wish I could give it all for a day, to be fully consumed with prose. But alas...

Happy Thursday all!

Question: What book(s) have you read that completely turned your world upside down due to language, imagery, voice or vision? Open my eyes to some wondrous tales. I'm waiting :)


Brian Miller said...

nice. will check it to savor some books...

went looking for the shamalan book...what is the title of it?

Jen Chandler said...

Hey Brian,

The title is The Man Who Heard Voices. Sorry! I completely forgot to post that little detail! And the author is Michael Bamberger. Another "minor" detail. Forgive my foggy mind!


Michelle Gregory said...

i've given you an award.

Brian Miller said...

not a prob...saw that one online and wanted o make sure it was!

Karen Walker said...

Savoring words is such a delicious thing to do. The book that spoke to me most recently is "The Voice of the Muse" by Mark David Gerson. The way he approaches writing seems to be exactly what I am needing right now.

Tamika: said...

The Book Thief.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Love the quote and will definitely have to look into that book. Good luck with the screenplay adventure! :-)

Lin said...

That's lovely, but I don't think I could do a whole book of that--too much work. I just like a good read. :)

Jen Chandler said...

Thanks Michelle! I'll wander over and check it out!

Karen, thanks for the book recommendation!

Tamika, I've been looking at that one for a while. I need to finally pick it up and read it!

Thanks Shannon! The book is amazing.

Lin, it IS a hard book to read. A VERY hard book to read but worth it!

Sandi Delia said...

Anything by Rosamond Pilcher, but especially The Shell Seekers. But the book that makes me feel like my soul is feasting is Wayne Muller's "Sabbath: Restoring The Sacred Rhythm of Rest." I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to slow down and reconnect with themselves.

Terresa said...

Secret Life of Bees really made me wake up. The themes and quotes in that book are with me, still. although I didn't care much for the movie version (books are always better anyhow!).

sanjeet said...

the author is Michael Bamberger. Another "minor" detail. Forgive my foggy mind!

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