25 May 2010

Getting There

no, this is NOT what I have been subsisting on for the past three months.
keep reading and you'll

A great big "THANKS A BUNDLE" to all my fabulous readers (ahem...that means YOU!). I'm feeling a bit better, not in as much pain today but still a bit "blah". You do know that's a highly educated sounding medical term, right?

Doctor: So, how are you feeling today?

Patient: Blah

Doctor: Gads! I had no idea it was so bad!

I'm not really sure what's going on (no surprise there...) but I'm doing some research and haunting the herb shops like the smell of three week old Limburger.

As I sit here at work, marvelling at how slow the clock seems to be working today (maybe it's feeling as sluggish as I am), I thought I'd do a little Googling for blog themes. I'm sort of addicted to graphic design and like to daydream about the day I'm able to html and css my way to total design freedom.

Until then, I'll shout out a great big THANKS to all the designers at The Cutest Blog on the Block,
Blogger Templates, and Shabby Blogs take all the glory.

[Just for beer and skittles I searched for "pimp my blog" and lo and behold, it doth exist! Can I get a feather boa with that? Blue please. Thanks.]

Lethargically yours,


Brian Miller said...

a blue feather boa, beer and skittles...sounds like a pretty wild and crazy day. lol. glad you are feeling better.

Mary Aalgaard said...

You do a great job of reaching out when you're having the blahs. Good for you. Keep turning to those places of inspiration. The blahs lurk in our dark places.

Kittie Howard said...

Your previous post slipped by, drats!! Felt a bit relieved when I read today's post, but not much. I'm concerned. Jen, start jogging, something, and get that seritonin up, okay??? The jog of a thousand steps begins with a single step....

Jen Chandler said...

Brian: That was the day I had in my mind. Nice place my mind. Scary, but nice :)

Mary: Thanks! I feel like I get more sarcastic when I'm feeling poorly. Perhaps it's the "I don't care" mentality of feeling bad and I just let it all hang out!

Kittie: Thanks for the concern. I really appreciate it (hugs). I think I'll go for a walk this afternoon. About all I'm up for energy-wise. In my mind, however, I'm sea kayaking!

Karen Walker said...

Jen, I haven't been online much the last two days and just saw you're under the weather. I"m so sorry. Hope you feel better real soon.

Lin said...

Well, you must be getting better if you are back to googling. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

You should ask Lydia Kang to address the blahs on her next Medical Mondays post! That could be a fun one. :-)

deb said...


I send big wishes for lifted spirits.

Kristi said...

Hope you feel better!