28 May 2010

God Made Long Weekends

This is where I spend the majority of my life at the present:

This is where I wish I was spending the majority of my life at the present.

Yes, sea kayaking in Wales. What? Tahiti? Why go to Tahiti when you can go to Wales ?!? (Yes, folks, I'm strange...)

But alas, while I dream of the Welsh coast while working in office world, I do have one, comforting thought (at the present):

Three day weekends are always a pleasure, even if it just gives me an extra day to catch up on the laundry. Technically, I get three and a half days (I get out of here around 2 today). I'm hoping to weasel away some time to get some writing done, and get some supplies ordered for a new art journey I'm desperate to embark upon.

What are YOU up to this weekend, lovelies? I know, it's only a three day weekend here in the States and I sincerely apologize to my international readers for harping on the whole extra day off thing.

Whatever you do, have fun, enjoy yourself, and pause for a moment to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place.

Happy weekend, kids! See you all Tuesday!

(So, I WAS going to post a bunch of pictures but for some reason, whenever I decide to add pictures and then put text in between them, it likes to mush all the text together. And that makes for some seriously ugly postage. So I added links. It's an interactive post, kids!)


faerwillow said...

~i'll take welsh over where we are...our weekend is looking to be filled with rain...we are hoping sunday clears for a family bbq and some sea kayaking as well!! wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Brian Miller said...

we had field day at my sons school then broke him out early...we will be chilling at the crib today. gotta work all day tomorrow...cookout on sunday, working i got 2 one day weekends this week. smiles. have a wonderful weekend yourself.

Zoe C. Courtman said...

What a friendly, happy post :D Thanks! Oh how I LOVE a three-day weekend! We're hitting up a Renaissance Fest and a theme park, and just TOTALLY relaxing the rest of the time!! Hope your three-dayer is awesome, too :D THanks for sharing.

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Kittie Howard said...

We're hanging close cause the D.C. traffic is a mess. Will break out in June for a long holiday. And, Jen, I'm having the same problem when I try to insert a photo. A friend said something's clicked wrong (very specific for sure). Anyway, sending out some SOS emails for help. Will share if anything's specific! Hope you have a great weekend!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I have a post ready to go, but still need to insert the pics. Maybe I'll just post the text? I'll be around home for the most part, art gallery with a friend on Sat., sing in church on Sun., going on a bike ride in the morn on Mon, then bring my Cub Scouts to the parade (they're in it), and to the ceremony afterwards. Now, that's a moving sight!

紫勳 said...


Elana Johnson said...

Hope you have a great long weekend. And hey, you won something at my blog. Can you email me?

deb said...

Hope you are still in holiday mode here on the Monday.
We here in Canada had a long weekend last week. But my husband is stateside with one of my daughters for a soccer tourny , so it kind of feels like a holiday again to him ;)

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Happy Memorial Day! The Welsh Coast sounds amazing by the way. I've always dreamed of going to Wales!