04 May 2010

Have I really been gone a month?

Hello blogland!
How have you been? I've missed each and every one of you but I must say, the break was much needed. I ended my online sabbatical with a four day weekend this past weekend and can I tell you how much I needed it? I will anyway. I REALLY needed it! Lots of decisions were made, things cleared up (mostly my muddled brain) and I wrote a script.

And I discovered I am NOT a script writer. Meh, I finished the thing in under two weeks (we had a month to complete it). Trust me when I say it's not technically accurate, but I did it. I wrote a script. Talk about an exercise in restraint! I'm a description writer, not a conversationalist so it was quite a stretch. BUT I did discover a wonderful way to outline a general plot and work on conversation. So all was not lost. On the contrary, I gained a lot of insight into my own writing and now know if I ever need to spit out 100 pages in two weeks, I'll just sit down and pound out a script.

In other news, and this might not be great news, I'm letting my second blog, Sagewood Manor, sit idle for a while. As I said, a lot of decisions have been made and one is to back off from the business planning for a while. Not that I don't still want to be my own boss (believe me when I say the four day weekend confirmed that desire), but the art has suffered for the sake of the dollar. Art can not be created for the sake of money. Making a living doing what I love, creating with my hands, with words is my dream, one of my life goals. But I've lost the passion, the zeal to create art for art's sake and I need to step back, reassess and begin to enjoy creating again. I hope this doesn't disappoint you. I was hesitant to announce it but it must be done and I'm ever so much peaceful because of the decision. I'll post an announcement on the blog and you'll be the first to know when that status changes.

Speaking of changes, how do you like the changes here? I wanted to make the blog more about life and writing and art and less a struggle to come up with writing news daily. I'm a writer, yes, but I'm so much more and the "so much more" part of me was slipping to the wayside. Hence the changes on both blogs. Of course I'll still be talking writing, just in a different way.

Anything else? Celebrated my six year anniversary (Yippee!) by going to the Georgia Renaissance Festival, drank way to many drinks from Starbucks, saw "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Where the Wild Things Are", got rid of a dumpster full of old magazines (don't worry, I recycle), planted a veggie garden, and really enjoyed life for the first time in years.

All in all, it's been a good time off, but it's good to be back and see where this wild ride takes me next.

How have YOU been?


Karen Walker said...

Welcome back, Jen. We missed you. Glad your time away was fruitful and you've made some decisions. Things on my end are okay - I've got bronchitis right now, which prevented me from taking a vacation, but other than that, life is good.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Glad to read about the peace you feel in your decisions. Very good. As you know, I did not finish my script in a month. But, I give myself grace over that. I can use May to continue it. I have a goal of having it performed locally and that keeps me motivated.

Good to reconnect with you!

Glynis said...

Jen, it is great to see you back in action!
I have been working on the MS, editing. (see first chapter after critique on blog). I behaved myself and learned a lot while you were away.

It sounds as if the break was just what you needed. :)

Tiana Smith said...

I'm glad you're back!! I love your new title and other changes, and I think change is a good thing. I totally feel you on the need for a breather (as you know since you read my post about overload).

One thing I've learned about blogging: we put so much effort into it, but I've found that our readers are usually an easy-going bunch and they're fine with us taking a step back to breathe. They always understand, because we all go through the same thing. So good luck in gathering your bearings, and I'm sure that your decisions will help you feel more grounded.

Good job finishing a script! I am not a script writer, but I can see how it would help your novel writing as well. Welcome back and I'm glad your break helped you make those decisions.

Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like you had a great time off! glad you tried script writing though, and as you said, you learned something. happy anniversary! and welcome back!

deb said...

yeah you to all of this.

the door is always open, come in girl, come in as you are.

Erin Kuhns said...

Jen, I feel like we're walking parallel paths at the moment. I mean,'s almost eerie! I'd really like to talk to you a bit more about your plans. And with about the blog? I'm in the middle of changing gears on mine--but not 100%; just tweaking my focus and my reasons for having it in the first place.

Let's chat. I'll shoot you an email soon!


Tabitha Bird said...

Welcome back :) And I love the blog. And good for you for those decisions. They sound like the right ones for you. :)

Terresa said...

I like the changes to your blog. At first I wasn't sure I was at the right place...


Your veggie garden sounds like a delight, as does your script & festival adventures.

Me? I just got back from a lovely writer's conference the other week. It was the 2nd I've attended this year and realize I could attend one a month and be Very Happy.

I'm refocusing on developing my 2nd ms (YA dystopian) and reading as much as I can. And enjoying this spring weather before it turns into 120 degrees summer!