12 May 2010

Nerds are people too

I have a confession to make. I'm a nerd. Yep. A nerd. A big one.

I was raised on Star Wars. The ORIGINAL trilogy. And while I'm all for Ewan MacGregor playing the young and dashingly handsome Obi Wan Kenobe, I'll vote for episodes IV,V, and VI over the "others" every time.

I've been wandering around the Internet a LOT lately. Rather mindlessly, but I usually tend to stumble upon something interesting. Sometimes frightening. Most of the time amusing. Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of what I've found and, yes, admit to being a nerd.

Plus I got the opportunity to use a picture of Han Solo on my blog :)

I get inspired by the strangest things. I honestly can't remember how I found BLDGBLOG but I have spent hours wandering it's archives, gazing in awe at the architecture, imagery, and spectacular imaginings of writing Geoff Manaugh. He posts maps and geological surveys and his article on the Mount St. Helen's of Glass got my fantasy writer brain all excited. Prepare to spend several days going through this site. I had to stop. The tech speak was beginning to wear on me but I seriously feel smarter after wandering those archives.

Wonder of wonders, I just remember where I discovered BLDGBLOG: Dark Roasted Blend. Not only do I love the sound of the site, but the random links will cause you to go through a pot or two of your own choice of java before you realize it. Are you in the market for some origami inspired sculptures? How about a video of the Galapagos bat fish? If nothing else, do take a moment to look at the Flags of Forgotten Countries.

I haven't lost you yet, have I?


Are you tired of the same old stuff being played on the radio? NPR music may be your saving grace. I've discovered more talent there than I've ever heard on the radio. I rarely listen to the radio, to be honest. I'm usually listening to random stations on the Internet like Celtic Fiddle stations, Folk music, or World Beats. Classical Baroque is a favorite to work too and I love writing to Loreena McKennitt and movie soundtracks. If I get a wild hair, I crank up the Dave Matthews.

I also enjoy the shows on good old NPR. Prairie Home Companion is at the top of my list. As is the Thistle and Shamrock.

If nothing else, you can always wile away the hours wandering through the digital compendium of Mrs. Grieve's Modern Herbal. Over 800 plants are profiled here with their medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic properties as well as some interesting folk lore. Plus, I'm a sucker for old botanical art and this place is loaded with it!

I won't pester you any more with my nerdy ramblings. I do love sharing the strange and unusual links I find. I always wonder if anyone else out there gets a kick out of things like this. Seriously? I have to wonder how many (if any) they sold!

Have any nerds in your life? Are YOU a closet nerd? Be brave! Speak out! Or, at the very least, go hug those nerds close to you :)



Anastasia said...

I love, love NPR.

Brian Miller said...

i saw star wars at the drive in...and i made my parents take me to see Empire while we were on vacation at the beach...and i even listened to it on the radio...

my name is brian miller, and i am a nerd. smiles.

Tabitha Bird said...

Hug a nerd. LOL. That should be like a national day. Hug a Nerd Day. :)

Amanda Cooper said...

Original Star Wars rocks! Those are the only ones I ever think to watch without someone else suggesting it first. Ewan MacGregor IS a great Obi Wan, but I miss Han in the newer movies and - well, no one can replace him.

PHC is great. I especially love the "News From Lake Woebegone" segment.

Now I want a Monolith action figure.

Jingle said...

star wars, kids' favorite...
very fun and interesting post!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Oh, I'm a total geek, just ask my kids. I like live music and original talent. I like local coffee shops and bookstores, but I do listen to the radio. Lately, I've been getting into the oldies.