06 May 2010

So many kind responses. Thank you all. I hesitate to post my doldrums, for fear of being one of "those" blogs (all negative and hive-inducing). But I am what I am and I've learned that opening up can sometimes be the best therapy. You guys were more than gracious in sharing your remedies to creative struggles. It seems the common thread is this: Keep Moving Forward (hence the little "keep truckin' " picture at the bottom of my sidebar).

Moving forward. I have heard this phrase countless times, internally, externally, through reading, in movies. Lately, it pops up on a daily basis.

Right now, moving forward beckons me to be more authentic, more myself, less concerned about others and their opinions and whims. To be grounded in who I am and not wandering, wavering.

That's one of the reasons I changed my blog name. "Woolgatherings" is such a wonderful word, so rich and playful. And yet, it signifies an ambling mind, a wandering, drifting sort of existence. While I will always be a daydreamer, I'm ready to reel those dreams in, build some foundations and begin construction goals. "From Inkstained Hands" sums me up perfectly. I have my hands in something all the time: ink, glue, dirt. And it all tends to stay with me, stuck under nails and smudged on my wrists and elbows. But none of these stick with me longer than ink. Ink from my trusty pen which I use to write my first drafts, my overflow of daily thoughts. Ink from the calligraphy pen I have begun to pick up again, dipped in an inkwell, running down my hands until little rivers of green and blue appear for all the world to see.

Marvelous rivers of words, flowing, tumbling, sailing across an ocean of paper. Crafting stories. Sculpting words. Building worlds.

What stains your hands? Is it something tangible, like ink or soil? Perhaps flour, sugar and a bit of cream? Or maybe it's love, compassion, kindness, or a stray cotton thread from the coat you gave to a homeless man this past winter.

Keep calm and carry on,
(PS: if the type is too small on the picture above, click on the picture to read the quote. it's worth the effort :))


ParisBreakfasts said...

do keep at it Jen :)
It's the best choice to make IMHO

Cynthia Reese said...

Corral those dreams and put 'em to work for you! You can do it!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Coffee stains my hands, and tears - the ones I wipe off my own face and the ones I remove from my children and friends. We hold each other up. Keep moving forward. Your writing is authentic and meant to be shared.

Brian Miller said...

ink and dirt lie
between the swirls
of my finger tips
one from the heart
one from the earth

Anastasia said...

I like it! Glad you are back!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay! Welcome back! I'm sorry it took me so long to find you - I was gone for almost a week and am catching up. I love your new title. It's beautiful, as are your words. I've missed the flowing power of your words!! :-)

Betsy said...

One day at a time, Jen! Thanks for the visit, too! :)

Lin said...

Are you back??! I hope so!

I find that I am really a tactile person, so I guess my "ink" has always been fabric for quilting, or thread to embroider with, yarn to knit with. Since I didn't write for many years, I found that my hands were my outlet to my emotions and feelings. I always say that our sixth sense is our artistic self.

Erin Kuhns said...

In actuality, ink stains my hands too--India ink from my rapidograph pens. I've been diving back into my artwork and it feels amazing.

Ok, must tie this comment up now, for I have an email to write (to you)!

Erin Kuhns said...

I just read the quote on the picture with the kitten. It made my heart smile. Thank you for posting it.

Tabitha Bird said...

:) I am glad you are inspired again :) And I am glad you have such a supportive community here. :))

deb said...

I have always admired you authenticity.
And love the new name. I'll make sure and change it on my blogroll.

I look forward to hearing what you say, your voice, always.