11 June 2010

Friday Rambles

First off, I'm really digging these new blogger "design" templates. I might just stick with this one for a bit. Groovy, huh?

No more aerial attacks from palmetto bugs. Thankfully. However, I did try doing yoga yesterday and I ended up falling asleep.

It seems I've been battling a bit of some chronic fatigue lately. That would explain the not feeling well for the past three weeks. I don't have a specific diagnosis yet, but I'm going to a specialist the end of this month. I'm hoping they just tell me I'm over stressed and need to take some time off. But, if it's a little more complicated than that, at least I'll know what I'm battling and I can better fight it.

In other news, I received an AWESOME prize package from the fabulous Elana Johnson yesterday (thanks Elana! You rock!! *waves*). My name was pulled out of the hat for her Ender's Game prize pack. Confession time: I've never read Ender's Game. Now I will and the shame shall be forever removed.

It's Friday (in case you lived under a rock and weren't sure of the day) and every week I say "it couldn't have come at a better time". And every week I mean it, but perhaps not as much as I mean it today. I hope you all have fabulous fun planned this weekend. Or just some much needed down time. Or maybe you thrive on adrenaline. If that's the case, go jump off a bridge. Just make sure the bungee cord's tied tight and you take lots of pictures!



willow said...

I've had the best time playing around with the new Blogger templates! Yes, fun. Hope you have a fun weekend, as well.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Maybe I should succumb to those templates. Right now they are pestering me. Congrats on winning.
~ Wendy

faerwillow said...

~i just saw the templates this morning and i am liking yours...refreshing yet calming blue! i do wish for you some rest and your energy to return back to normal...congrats on your win and wishing you a wonderful weekend! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Brian Miller said...

i hope you have na amazing weekend as well! enger's the first couple of the series in my teens...

Elana Johnson said...

Yeah, I turn to blogger templates when I want to waste entire days.

And I'm so glad you liked your prize package!

Tabitha Bird said...

Congrats on that prize. Glad to hear you are safe from bugs at the moment :)

Mary Aalgaard said...

No bungee cords for me. I'll be having some down time, kid-free, writing and a little music.

Mary Aalgaard said...

No bungee cords for me. I'll be having some down time, kid-free, writing and a little music.

Terresa said...

Love the sky-scene backdrop. Once in awhile, I spend an evening switching blog templates. It is both terrifying and liberating, like rearranging furniture in my house and then back again.

Congrats on winning Ender's Game!!
Reading it changed the landscape of my literary life. Read it & tell me what you think (I really want to know!).

On the chronic fatigue, I had something that felt like that a few months ago. Couldn't get enough sleep, each day felt like a haze. Luckily, in time, it passed. HOpe you get it sorted out, pronto!


L'Aussie said...

Congratulations on winning Ender's Game! I've heard a few whinges this morning from people who've played with the new blogger designs and can't go back and are weeping and gnashing their teeth. I went with shabby blog free designs which works well with blogger. Might be too over the top for you but I like it as I'm a shabby chic girl. Certainly a change from my boring old blogger start-up..:) Have fun choosing.

ali said...

Jen, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I have Fibromyalgia, which is very closely related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And, it sucks. But it does help, somewhat, to know what it is and to know when I feel unwell that I can't just "push through it" like I used to try to do ~ now I know that when I feel that way I need to REST. Pushing just makes me worse. sigh.

Anyway, if you need a friend who's BTDT, shoot me an email.

Otherwise, I hope you got the rest you needed this weekend! ♥

Carla Gade said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, Jen, and will have your energy back soon.

Blessings, dear friend,

prashant said...

Hope you have a fun weekend, as well.
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Sandra said...

There's a huge difference between living by the seasons and sun time vs. living by the corporate calendar. Quite frequently, I forget what day of the week it is and, generally, have no clue of the date. I bought a watch with calendar just so I could know the date; that entails keeping up with the calendar so I don't run out of month before the watch runs out of days.
As Roseannadanna would say, "It's always something!"