01 June 2010

Mixed Feelings

Long weekend with friends and family (and a few adventures along the way) - Huzzah!

Back to work with an aching arm - Bummer.

Checking your email and finding out you've won a FABULOUS prize package from the AMAZING Elana Johnson - SUPER HUZZAH!!!

Judging from my comments, I'd say you all had a pretty nifty weekend. We had some rain, some sun, a boat load of humidity and more hamburgers then you could shake a spatula at!

My mom returned from the great white north (aka Alaska) with tons of stories and photos. I can't wait to see them. Bless her she doesn't have a computer yet and isn't able to upload the pictures. That, of course, gives us a great excuse to have her over for dinner and check out the amazing scenery while teaching her to upload/download/happy dance through technology land :) Can I tell you how proud I am of her? This is the first time she's ever travelled without my dad, my sister or myself. It's been three years since Dad died, and they talked about going to Alaska several times but never did. For her to hop a plane (she hasn't flown in over 30 years) with an arm load of church buddies and set sail up the Alaskan coast is the bravest thing (I think) she could do! And when she reads this post, I know she'll blush and tell me I'm ridiculous for sharing all that. I'm not. I'm proud.

Slowly but surely I'm gathering steam for some more writing. I pulled out my old rusty trilogy yesterday and started doing some more research for future installments. As soon as I make a pit stop at ye olde office supply store, I'll have ink to spare and can print out those final pages to make those final edits. Whew. Editing. I thought I enjoyed the process until this monster. Necessary evils abound.

I'd write more, but my arm is making it hard to push the keys ( times, let me tell you!). Have a brilliant Tuesday/Monday. On the one hand, we have a four day week. On the other, I'll keep thinking I'm a day behind until Friday afternoon.



Brian Miller said...

lol. yeah i keep feeling the same way myself..being behind. up late doing end of month paper work, so my day is thrown way off...sorry about the arm, hope it feels better soon...

Stephanie Faris said...

I've been knocked on my butt by my house being flooded, but I'm starting to slowly get back to writing. I think I've written 20 pages in the past week, which is definite progress. It's just hard to get back in the groove when you take some time off, for whatever reason.

Zaira said...

Dear Jen, thank you so much for your comment, it was really encouraging. Now I'm planning to write finally, my long desired dream.... There's so much I can learn here. xoxo

Jen Chandler said...

Brian: Thanks, the arm's doing a bit better but not much. Just frustrating as I have to type all day at work. Here's to feeling better, and getting caught up!

Stephanie: You're right. Even a day off tends to shift everything for me. I do hope you're able to get back on your feet soon and that the flood damage isn't too terrible.

Zaira: You are more than welcome. I wish you the best of luck with your writing! Thank you so much for visiting :)

Lin said...

Good for your mom!! I'm proud of her too. It's hard to go off and do things alone after you have lost your loved one and I give her credit for going. My mom went to Hawaii for 3 weeks ALONE after she retired. She had a friend who offered her use of his condo FREE--I'm glad she didn't pass that up.

It's important to take advantage of these opportunities, otherwise you miss out. High five Mom for me, Jen!

willow said...

It was so going getting back on regular schedule. Good to hear you enjoyed the holiday weekend, too!

Sandra said...

What are you doing to help the arm pain? Is it your elbow? I hate you have to type so much at work; work sure gets in the way of living, eh?

You're right to be proud of your Mom; she's done a good thing for herself and confidence breeds confidence. Alaska is a fabulous place to visit and if I were younger, I'd be tempted to move there.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I think your mom going to Alaska is awesome. My mom is the same way--flying is a big deal and done sparingly, if at all.:)

Mary Aalgaard said...

Yay for your mom and her Alaska trip! Weeks that start on Tuesday are always confusing. You try to do your Mon. routine on Tues, but that's all off, and you spin a bit trying to get your bearings. Congrats on winning the package from Elana!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Good for your mom! I'll bet it was beautiful in Alaska.

Sarah In Wonderland said...

oh thank you, thank you for your comment dear, it really means cupfuls of universe to me, and i do adore your new blog. thank you for always coming back, it means so much, and i know i've been horribly negligent with leaving comments but i do always read your blog and marvel at it, so thank you. xxxx

Anastasia said...

congratulations to your mom! I worry that when my husband dies I will curl up in a little ball and hide. j/k kinda. ;)

deb said...

hope your arm is on the mend.

the best of luck with the revisions. I can't even imagine having completed a novel, let alone a trilogy. You inspire.

Thank you for responding with such joy to my post with all the flower pics. I wish I could remember to feel like that all the time, like today , when I'm feeling more blah... but life is mysterious. And that's what's fascinating about the blog world too. How we can encourage each other.

like your courageous mother, who should take another trip soon :)