23 August 2010

Quick and Random Update

( a lovely little teaser, don't you think?)
August is ending yet the dog days of summer are still upon us. I'm longing for September and the promise of cooler evenings and the whisper of changing leaves.

Speaking of change, there will be a lot of changes going on here. I hope you'll come by this Friday for the announcement! Teaser, I know, but I'm still trying to find the best way to communicate what my new "project" is going to be. A project that includes the complete re-imagining of this blog (as well as a couple of other surprises :).

So, if you see anything pop up on your blog roll that looks like it's from me, but looks rather odd and different, don't panic! I'm rearranging the furniture, giving the house a new coat of paint and taking down the paintings in order to hang a few new finds.

I hope you have all had a pleasant return to the school year and are preparing for a delicious autumn season. I've missed you all, reading your blogs and commenting. My summer has been a haze of stressful work and CFS battles. However, with cooling temperatures on the horizon, and the promise of this new project, I'm looking forward to diving back into blogging and get reacquainted with you all.

Until Friday


Brian Miller said...

nice. you have got me excited to see what is to come...i am longing for fall as well...sigh.

maggie's garden said...

Oh you're such a tease....I wait excitedly!

Karen Walker said...

Looking forward to seeing what's in store over here, Jen. Glad you had a good summer and are feeling better.

Mary Aalgaard said...

Yes! I'm also in need of a change of seasons. I'm one of those northerners who whines when we get a couple days of humidity. Plus, school really needs to start! My boys go back on Sept. 7. I'll be celebrating with a cup of coffee with friends and a few min. of writing time. My drama is calling me back!

Tiana Smith said...

I'm always excited to see what you'll be doing to your blog :) Can't wait to see what's coming this Friday!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see what you do. :)

Kittie Howard said...

Happy you are back up to speed and eager to see what's next...have fun decorating!

Lin said...

Oh, you always have something going over here! I can't wait to see, Jen. :)

deb said...

waiting on this of course , Jen.