17 September 2010

Dreaming of Chinese Food

No really. I dreamt last night about eating at a Chinese buffett! I was quite a pig and made certain I got the last 5 wontons in the wonton soup dish (taking only the tiniest bit of broth!) and the crab rangoon was out of this world! I think sushi was involved. This was right before I was running from grenade launching bad guys in a swamp and marsh video game setting.

er...yeah...must have been the pizza.

Speaking of pizza, remember that left over pork I had after making those lovely dumplings? It topped our pizza last night, along with some scrumptious pepper jack cheese. Not Chinese, I know, but related. As in second-cousin-on-his-mother's-side-twice-removed related but related.

While making said pizza, I got frustrated with the sauce having huge chunks of tomatoes in it. I like chunks of tomatoes in my pasta but not on my pizza. Instead of trying to spread around the chunks with the spoon, I started spreading the sauce with my hands, discarding the little devils back in the jar to live on a bowl of pasta another day.

That's when it hit me: we, as a culture, are soooo distanced from our food. Yes, these profound moments happen when I have a hand covered in red sauce and a 25 cat mewing at my feet. I've posted in the past on the "modern" American diet versus "slow food" and the dangers of the former, benefits of the latter. I hate seeing food turned into something to just wolf down between work and home life, between arguments, or between traffic signals.

With that thought planted firmly in my mind, I hummed a little tune while spreading the rest of that sauce with my fingers, while crumbling up that Chinese-ish pork and onions and scattering the mountain of pepperjack across that quazi-circular piece of dough.

I want to eat my food and taste it, enjoy it, not swallow it whole because the phone is ringing and if I don't answer it the boss will get angry. I want to savor the flavors available in a ham and cheese or a plate of Peking Duck. It's hard in this "modern" life (yes, modern is in quotations for a reason. I thought to modernize was to better something? In regards to food, we've failed)

Take some time this weekend and enjoy your food. I don't care if it's a muffin you thaw out for breakfast or a pot roast you slaved over for 6 hours. Pause, taste it, enjoy it!

Just don't dream about it...

Happy weekend,


Brian Miller said...

i hear you...a cool moment too...sadly more people eat out these days and never touch their food in teh making process...or eat prepackaged...i think there is definitely something lost there...

Karen Walker said...

Such sage advice, Jen.I tend to rush thru cookking and eating, rather than savoring the tastes. Thanks.

Glynis said...

DH cooks 90% so I have to stop and eat. No mobiles are answered during that time.
I make my own pizza topping, I make a pesto sauce with no lumps. Then add slices, so much easier to eat.:)

Erin Kuhns said...

It's true. Eating is a whole different experience when you stop and chew and savor and enjoy...and we should be doing it every time we put food into our mouths.

(Speaking of which, I have some ginger tea--including fresh ginger--steeping right now and it's just about ready. Mmmmmmm...)

Hope it's been a great and YUMMY weekend, Jen!