27 October 2010

New Website Worth the Wandering

Ok, how many of you spend more time at work daydreaming than actually working? You know who you are! And I'm not talking about those Great American Novel day dreams either.

I have a confession. It's not so secret. If you've ever spent more than five minutes in conversation with me you'd know I LOVE to travel. That I would love to travel 300 days out of the year. Seriously. No joke.

In the course of this daydreaming (between the howling phones and droning space heater) I found a most marvelous diversion:

Briefcase to Backpack

It's a neat little place that tells the stories of REAL people taking time off to REALLY travel. How did I find them? Heck if I remember, but the site which directed me there talked about the sad fact that Americans don't travel or have the luxury of regular holidays or the opportunity for career breaks and sabbaticals .Sure , we can quit our jobs, but there's no security that we'll have it when we get back. Or the simple fact we aren't given vacation time (or enough of a pay check to put aside for vacation).

Things are different in different places. This I know to be true. But how much healthier and happier of a people would we be if our society endorsed breaks, vacation, time off in general?

Until that time, here's a nice little website to help with your wanderlust. It might also encourage you to make some daring travel plans of your own!!

Happy wandering,


deb said...

thanks, Jen..
I had a quick peek. luv.

The Golden Eagle said...

I wander a lot . . . when I should be writing, or blogging, or something else. :P I'll check out the site, though!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

I would rather travel than do almost anything else. I think the europeans have something with their six week summer vacations. I can't wait to check out the link you published.

Brian Miller said...

nice. love to travel as well...and they are right we dont do enough of to explore...

Melissa said...

Wow, cool! Thanks for the sire recommendation!

Pretty sure I'm never not daydreaming....just saying.

Kristie Cook said...

Aaahhh...I love to travel. Unfortunately, these days, I only travel through my writing or other books. Not only would we be much happier with more time off and opportunities to explore other places, we'd probably really be more productive. Americans work more hours in a year than ever, yet productivity has barely increased. Something's wrong there.

Off to check out the site...

Ishta Mercurio said...

How much healthier? MUCH. Awesome link - thanks!