28 October 2010

Tips to Avoid a Novel Distaster

Unless of course, disaster is your thing. In that case, you can stop reading.

As many of you know, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer's Month) is soon to be upon us. There will be thousands of otherwise sane (*snicker*) bloggers writing their fingers to a pulp during the month of November. While there will be no time for editing during this process, the finished result will, most likely (read: DEFINITELY) require some revision.

We writer's read all sorts of sage advice: read great books, write daily, lather, rinse, repeat. And while this is all excellent and most needed (especially the rinse part), we're kind of tired of the monotony of it.

Well, I stumbled upon something rather...wait for it...NOVEL!

Yes, that was necessary.

Ahem has this marvelous little ditty written by author Kris Saknussemm called "Five Tips to Avoid Total Disaster as a Novelist". While they may be obvious at their core, the delivery is most refreshing. I especially enjoyed #5:

Unless you are willing to face the unreasonable in yourself -- unless you are willing to entertain some strange notions (and deal with them when they stick around) -- unless you are willing to get lost, confused and even terrified -- then what you’re doing won’t have any meaning.

Wander on over. It'll only take a minute. You might even learn something. I know I did :)

Happy Wanderings,


Brian Miller said...

nice. i read this earlier and there was another i read about grammar as well which was a great help...

Melissa said...

I NEED to check this out. Thanks for sharing. I loved #5 so I am excited to read more.

The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks for the link! :)

Kristi said...

Wandering over of luck during Nano!