04 October 2010

Two Reasons (a choose your own excuses story)

I'm not posting today (well, not a REAL post).

Reason #1: I'm overwhelmed, stressed, and my eyes are starting to melt...I've been staring at this computer at work for far too long.

Reason #2: My trek from China into Tibet is taking longer than anticipated. Our Sherpa vanished, a tribe of yeti have been stalking us and an avalanche has cut off our only way back to safety. We must press on, hopefully making it into Tibet and the safety of Lhasa before the sun sets.

Now excuse me while I go tend to the campfire :)


Brian Miller said...

a tribe of

Lin said...

Damn Sherpas--they are so unreliable.

Tamika: said...

Ha! You just concentrate on peeling those tired eyes open long enough to make it home safe:)

Erin Kuhns said...

LMAO! Those yeti can drive you crazy!