02 November 2010

I Has an Award!

Quinn over at Seeing, Dreaming...Writing gave me this awesome little bloggy award. H says that he has secretly coveted this one for a long time. Guess what? So have I :) and I can't tell you why, just that I'm happy to say it's found a home with me.

I gots to list seven things about myself and then pass it along. Here goes...

1) The only times I've "crossed the pond" while traveling was to go to countries that begin with the letter "I": Ireland and India. I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll be found next haunting Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

2) I have a strange and overwhelming addiction to tales of the odd and otherworldly. For real. Even though they scare the socks off me, I keep reading them, keep watching them (Hello old X-Files episodes. How lovely to see you on Netflix :))

3) I secretly want to be an opera singer. For reals. Josh me ;)

4) I have reoccurring fantasies that I somehow get enlisted by a secret society to investigate strange cases ordinary law enforcement can't solve. This is most likely encouraged by the aforementioned X-Files and an obsession with Sherlock Holmes.

5) During the past week, I have dreamt about or had someone reference in a conversation Scooby Doo. Those meddlin' kids and their stupid dog!

6) I'm an old soul. I don't "fit" in modern society. I'd much rather wear tweed than skinny jeans and have an obsession with Victorian England.

7) Butter tea is awful. Not as repulsive as salted laasi, but close. Imagine cooking oatmeal, salting and buttering it until the butter pools around the edges of the mush in the bowl. Strain it. Now drink it. I can officially say I DO NOT like butter tea. (More on this later...)

Now I get to pass it along. Hmmm, to whom shall I pass it? You know what? I know this might seem kind of lame, but I've seen it done and I like it. Besides...there's too many awesome blogs out there. So, here's the scoop: if you, like me, have always wanted the Versatile Blogger award, have at it. It's yours. With love and sincerity. Seriously. Not a cop out. Every blog I read, every blogger that stops by here is versatile. Seriously. How many of you blog in spite of life, family, jobs, obligations, craziness, alien abductions, land slides, zombie apocalypses (apocalypsi?) All of you face reasons (and darn good ones, too) NOT to blog. But you do it anyway. Faithfully. More faithfully that I do, that's for certain. So go on, you've earned it. Every. Last. One of you.

And go by and say hi to Quinn. His blog is a wonderful breath of fresh air :)



Brian Miller said...

so s secret society opera singer...hmm...smiles. nice award...

Jon said...

So, is it Sherlock Holmes or X-files tonight? And yes, butter tea is terrible, but I could see where I could acquire a taste for it. OH! And don't forget to update your NaNo counter. It says zero words, and I know you typed at least a zillion last night. :p

Kristi said...

Congrats on the award...loved reading your list! ;-)

Too bad about the butter was good in theory!

Lin said...

Oh, those are very interesting things! I won this award over at Sharky's place, but I haven't posted it because I have lame-o stuff to list. :(

I didn't know you wanted to be an Opera Star solving Scooby Doo mysteries!! :)

Nick Thomas said...

#3 "I secretly want to be an opera singer." Good, all opera singers should sing in secret.

ali said...

I love, love, love your list! I totally love all things weird and creepy (Me and X-Files, we're like THIS). AND I WAS an opera singer so I totally love that you love opera! Woot!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Let's hear you belt out an aria. Happy travels to India and any other "I" country, real or imagined. Hope NaNo is being good to you!