13 December 2010

Anyone for Salad?

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I love salad. For real! I do. I never do anything too fancy when I make it at home. Toss in some bell peppers now and then; always add cheese. Oh, and the bacon bits. How can I forget about the bacon bits?

Whilst perusing the Middle Eastern food sites today, I came across this delicious sounding salad and thought, "Hmmm, sounds tasty and festive...and easy." Not that I have a problem with tough recipes, but usually around the holidays the easier the dish the better. (Yeah, and me with my baklava plans...)

Salad-e Shirazi is a summer tomato-cucumber salad but the ingredients are readily available anytime. This salad would make a colorful and fresh alternative to the normally heavy foods at the holiday table. (This recipe was originally found @

Salad-e Shirazi: Tomato-Cucumber Salad

•3 large, firm tomatoes
•2 cucumbers
•1 small onion, red or yellow
•2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice, depending on taste
•2 tablespoons olive oil
•1 tablespoon fresh mint, finely chopped
•1 teaspoon minced garlic
•salt and pepper to taste

Chop tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions finely. Toss with the remaining ingredients and mix well gently.

Serve chilled.

The recipe says it takes about 15 minutes to prepare and serves 4. Double or triple it for your holiday gathering. As for me, I think I might just try this for a weeknight treat. I'm also thinking some chickpeas tossed in would be a lovely addition.

And bacon...can't go wrong with bacon...

***In other news, I won a contest!!!! Yep, I got an email from the fabulous and talented Shannon Whitney Messenger telling me I won a copy of the Middle Grade book The Healing Spell by Kimberley Griffiths Little. Woo-hee!! This book sounds very intriguing. It takes place in the deep south, in bayou country (that's Lousiana if you're wondering). I'm really looking forward to reading it. Wander on by and check out Shannon's blog! She'd always got something awesome going on over there!


roxy said...

Congratulations on winning that contest, Jen. You deserve a prize, lucky lady! Thanks also for the delicious-looking recipe. I love salads, too.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Sounds great to me!
I want to make it minus the raw onions...
yum et merci!

Melissa said...

You know how much I love tomatoes, don't you? This looks and sounds so good!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Shirk said...

mmms...I love salad too. I'm always looking for nice side dishes in the summer. This looks very tasty and light. :)

And congrats on the contest win!!

Jon said...

This looks and sounds delicious. I'm sure the pumpkin bread I'm making isn't as good for you as this is, but it sure tastes good. :)

Lydia K said...

I love salad, and this one makes my mouth water.
Congrats on winning that book!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I’d have to skip the onion, but otherwise it sounds like a light and refreshing salad that I’d enjoy. Congratulations on winning the contest!

Colene Murphy said...

Congrats on your awesome win! And that salad looks soooooooooooo yummy!!

Kristen Torres-Toro said...


Lin said...

That looks wonderful!! I don't like salads with lettuce--it's just so blah to me, but I do like salads like these. Mmmmmmmm.

foldingfields said...

I love salads too...this one sounds delicious. I think Mediterranean is probably my favourite food because it's always filling and refreshing. yum!

Talli Roland said...

I'm not a massive salad fan (I know, I know!) but this looks so yummy I must give it a try!

Janet Johnson said...

Ooh, I'm with you on the bacon! Yummm! Sometimes nothing will do it but a salad. :)

And congrats on the win!

Susan R. Mills said...

Congrats on the contest! And the salad sounds yummy! I must try it!