03 January 2011

Happy New Year

How is every little one?
Was Santa good to you?
Did you enjoy your Christmas, spending it with family, friends, or just some peaceful moments by yourself?
How did you ring in the New Year?

I'm trusting everyone is healthy and well this brand spanking new year. Our journey will continue tomorrow (Tuesday 04 January) and I'm really excited to learn about our new destination: Turkey.

[No, not the bird. The country ;)]

Enjoy your Monday evening. It's back to the job for me tomorrow, but I'll be here, blogging about food, about life. I've got a couple of interesting tidbits of news for you AND I've got a nice, shiny NEW BLOG which is ready and rearing to go TOMORROW!

Stay tuned!!!!


Betsy said...

Turkey? I immediately thought of the bird, so I'm glad you clarified! LOL!

Happy New Year, Jen! xo

Kristen Torres-Toro said...


I had a great Christmas... especially when I got to meet my friend Jack for dinner! :0)

Brian Miller said...

happy new year! turkey, is it thanksgiving already?

Kristi said...

The holidays were perfect, but I'm ready to return to my routine! Can't wait to see the new shiny blog!

Hope you had a great holiday...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Karen Walker said...

Hi Jen,
Happy New Year! Turkey - oh it's one of my top two places to visit.