04 January 2011

Updates and Ramblings

I feel like I haven't blogged in months! I've missed being here, missed reading your blogs, your comments, your antics and inspired musings. I trust you all had wonderful holidays and are ready to kick 2011 off into high gear! I for one long to rest in January. A month of peace, to regroup and rejuvenate before diving back into life and all it's wildness would be a welcome, welcome treat. Until then, dear friends, I'll grab hold, hang on, and see where this dragon takes me.

Speaking of wildness, we've been adopted by a dog. Yes, a dog. The Thursday before Christmas, Jon came in with a lovely little lost girl. It was going to be terribly cold that night, so we put her up with a blanket, some cat food, and prayers that the house would still be in one piece when we got back from my mom's house. She was sound asleep on the couch when we got home. Christmas Eve we took her for a walk thinking we'd run into her owner or at least see some posters for a missing dog. Nothing. A police officer pulled up beside us and we learned that the dog had been roaming the streets for at least 2 weeks. The cop had been feeding her from a bag of dog food she kept in her patrol car.

Needless to say, we kept her, got her some food of her own (the cat was very grateful) and she's been our new baby ever since. Oh, and we named her Grace.

She looks to be either a foxhound or (as someone recently told us) an English walker hound. Whatever she is, she's a sweetheart. She definitely keeps things interesting!

In other news, I started school yesterday. Again. This is my fifth go at college. Honestly, though, it has been a better experience than either of the times before. I know what to expect, I know that all the "terminology" and "tone" they use in correspondence is just to mainly frighten freshman into doing their homework and pay back their loans. A lot of my former credits transferred in and I'm expecting to graduate in 2 - 2 1/2 years with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. ONLY program I could find that was completely online. I shall be a bit pressed for time in the coming months, but I fully intend to keep blogging away both here aaaannndd...

At my NEW blog! Widdershins and Skeleton Keys is open for business. The posts may come later in the day than the ones I post here, but I'm hoping to post regularly and often. As you all know, writing is near and dear to my heart and I've wanted a separate place to word play for a long time. Wander on over and check it out. It's definitely in the baby blog stages, but I've got some grand ideas and welcome any input you guys may have. Let me know what you want in a writing blog and we'll see what we can do! Being thrust into the Creative Writing department of a college as I am now, I should have loads to pass along eventually :D

As for my culinary ramblings, we're moving right along and crossing into Europe. Stay tuned for some fabulous facts and foodie love on Turkey :D (The country not the bird...;)



Julie said...

Great post and an absolutely adorable pup. Congrats on wandering back into academia (I always liked it there). :)

Meredith said...

Grace is so adorable! What an interesting way to meet her :) Good luck going back to college! Yay for creative writing!

Lin said...

Ooooh, what a fun addition to your life! She is lovely, that Grace. And I am particularly fond of the name as it is my cat's name. :) I hope she is a good dog for you. How nice that you took her in. I'm sure she is going to give you lots of blog post ideas.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Tamika: said...

Happy New Year Jen! I feel all the freshness and vigor that a new year brings. I'm looking forward to spending more time here thie year:)

Kristi said...

First of all, I'm in LOVE with that police officer! It's stories like yours that make me warm inside! AND for you and your sweet husband who have been adopted...she is precious and I love the name!

Now, to hop on over to your other blog, can't wait to see what your new venture into academia will bring!

Happy Holidays!