21 February 2012

A Thank You and An Announcement

WOW! So many of you responded to my post on my other blog about restarting this little food blog. And I see your lovely faces in my followers' box! I'm honored, truly, to be among such excellent and admirable bloggers. Thank you!

I've been blogging now for almost three years. I've started and stopped and restarted various blogs over that time. I'm constantly reminded what a kind and forgiving world this blogsphere is. Again, I am thankful and excited to bring Culinary Vagabonding back to life, bigger, bolder and better than ever!

As for the announcement part, I've decided to officially launch Culinary Vagabonding in April in conjunction with the A-Z Blogging Challenge. YES, I'm already signed up under my writing blog. I'm going to dive in head first and sign up with THIS blog as well! It will give me topic help and get me out there, fully committed to blogging regularly (on both blogs and that's something I desperately need!).

I'm excited to see where this project will go and I'm happy to have you all along for the ride! All the best!

See you soon!


Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

Whoa. One new food inspired post a day (almost) in April. I'll grab my fork.

MimiTabby said...

Aha a food blog. After 600 blogs on writing, this will be a nice break. Signing up...

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