When I was little I wanted to be a gypsy or a pirate. Seeing as I'm highly opinionated, rather stubborn, and have a slight aversion to walking planks while blindfolded, I settled for the former.

An addiction to cheese prompted me to turn my attention to the culinary arts and an early onset infection of the writing bug forced me to write about them. When I discovered I could create a blog that would chronicle my tea guzzling, book devouring, bread baking, bizarre food exploring misadventures (and that people might actually read about them) I created CULINARY VAGABONDING. I also have a writing blog which allows me to focus on all things word-nerd related. You can find that link on my homepage.

I love to dig in the dirt, hunt wild game through the vast outposts of my small herb garden, swim in salt water, chase tornadoes with a waterproof point and shoot, and correct grammatical errors on overpasses and billboards.

I'm happy to report that my bucket list is so long, I'll never die.